Information and Prices

Additional Fees

Rate per hour of revision/rework$7 USD per hour
Every extra character in the same piece$10 USD
Every additional piece of the same typeHALF the original price*

* – only applies to specific types of projects

Black & White

Art piece consisting of only black and white. Very minimalistic and visually appealing. High contrast between the two catches the viewer’s eyes. (Example pending)


  • Black BG on White FG
  • White BG on Black FG

Base Price: $10 USD


Art piece consisting of a single color in multiple shades. Also known as qualitative contrast, it’s very simple and pleasing if used nicely. (Example pending)


  • Greyscale
  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Base Price: $15 USD

Flat Colored

Art piece consisting of flat colors, without any kind of rendering. Easy on the eyes, colorful and pleasing.

Base Price: $20 USD


Art piece consisting of flat colors, with cel-shaded rendering. Minor shadows and lights that catches the viewer’s gaze with ease.

Base Price: $25 USD


Art piece consisting of colors mixed together as if imitating a painterly render. The colors blend together and create an attractive transition between tones.

Base Price: $30 USD

Twitch Emote(s)

One emote for Twitch, comes in all sizes plus high resolution version.

Price per Emote: $15 USD

Twitch Emote Bundle

Bundle of 3 custom emotes for Twitch, comes in all sizes plus high resolution version.

Bundle Price: $35 USD (saves $10)

Twitch Graphics

Bundle of 4 panel banners plus 3 to 4 alerts. (Example pending)

Base Price: $40 USD

Vector Illustration

Logo, design or illustration made out of vectors. High quality, exported to 300ppi .PNG and .SVG files if requested.

Base Price: $35 USD

Pixel Illustration

Illustration made with pixels, resized to match normal piece sizes without quality loss. Can also be a normal illustration made with pixel brushes, with more effort put into it for desired results.

Base Price: $30 USD