Terms and Conditions

These are the applicable Terms of Service as of December 2019.

All of these statements in this TOS are prone to changes depending on discussions between me, the artist/designer, and you, the client/commissioner.


During the communication between me, the artist/designer, and you, the client/commissioner, it is highly appreciated to write in a clear and polite manner. Providing visual and neat references is preferred, or hopefully something you can easily make. Text is difficult to visualize, it will depend on the situation. Questionable behavior will not be tolerated and I, the artist/designer, hold the rights to cancel your commission if that occurs.

I can design or illustrate the following:

  • Original/Copyrighted Characters (if you have officially written permission for me to design/illustrate them) (there are exceptions that can and will be discussed)
  • Anthropomorphism
  • Semi-Realism
  • Cartoonism
  • Semi-Detailed Backgrounds/Scenery/Buildings

I cannot design or illustrate the following, due to not fitting the artist/designer’s style and/or lack of experience:

  • Extreme details
  • Fully rendered buildings
  • Fully fledged animations

I will NOT in any form design or illustrate the following, due to going against my ethical beliefs and professional matters:

  • Pornography
  • Pedophilia
  • Gore
  • Discrimination against any minority/group
  • Zoophilia
  • Any other obscene behavior/theme

If these fail to be followed I hold all the rights to decline your commission.


All commissions must be paid in full upfront through PayPal invoice, the currency accepted being USD. 100% of the payment is required before starting the project.


Work In Progress will be provided if you, the client/commissioner, personally requests it, no matter the price of the project. The same will happen if I have any concerns about the continuation of the project.

The time frame of completion for your commission can range between a couple weeks to 3 months depending on multiple factors such as, in order of importance:

  • Health
  • Family/Relationships
  • Work/University
  • Commission Queue
  • Complexity

If any of the previously mentioned were to occur, you, the client/commissioner, will be notified as soon as possible through e-mail and/or the form of communication preferred.


I, the artist/designer, will do everything that is at my reach to make you, the client/commissioner, happy and satisfied. After a commission is finished, minor changes are allowed to be requested. Anything that requires more than an hour of work will come with an extra charge. Please be clear in your order at the start to avoid reworks.


I, the artist/designer, hold every right to the project and its process. The artist/designer is allowed to use the copyrighted artwork to showcase as portfolio. Some rights can be discussed during the process.

The client/commissioner is allowed to, with credit given where it’s due:

  • Use the project for personal use.
  • Use the project for commercial use only if agreed/discussed.

The following is considered Copyright Infrigement:

  • Reproducing/using the copyrighted project commercially in a way that was not agreed/discussed.
  • Taking/claiming credit for the creation of the project.
  • Removing watermarks/signatures if any.
  • Altering or changing the project greatly without the artist/designer’s consent.


I, the artist/designer, hold the right to cancel and refund the money for your commission/project at any time, for any given circumstances. I will notify you, the client/commissioner, if complications show up and we can reach an agreement for refund. You, the client/commissioner, have the right to cancel or request a refund from me, the artist/designer, if and ONLY IF the project hasn’t started. It usually starts 2 days after payment. Refunds are not allowed once work has been started. Any reversal of payment/chargebacks forfeits any rights to work provided, will ban you, the client/commissioner, from future projects/commissions, and will be disputed with the payment provider.